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Three reasons to consider investing in electronic money

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Three reasons to consider investing in Cryptocurrency

  Bitcoin starts like an excellent electronic coin especially since it exceeds the $ 2,000 price tag. Major obstacles such as the $ 480 million loss of Bitcoin value in the past on Mt.Gox trading floor, their recklessly managed Bitcoins have made the value of Bitcoin electronic money fall in the past. Slowly but surely, the first Blockchain electronic currency has grown again.

At present, Bitcoin is doing better than ever. At the beginning of 2017, Bitcoin prices hit the highest level in history, surpassing the value of an ounce of gold. Nearly a decade after the quiet release of the Bitcoin market, dozens of other electronic currencies have appeared. Applying Blockchain technology and a number of other technologies, a public database such as a notebook that records transactions related to encrypted cryptography, developers are trying to improve their electricity bills. From now on.

  Some of the specific names, Ripple and Ethereum, have been proven to be special competitors for Bitcoin. Indeed, the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance was formed by "500 businesses, startups, scientists and technology vendors" to establish practical criteria for standards for use of the platform. Future currency "in terms of business speed".

"You may be afraid to participate as speculators because of the ups and downs of the electronic money market, but there are a number of reasons you can be strong on that."

Here are three reasons you may consider investing in electronic money:

1. Bitcoin is experiencing extremely rapid development.

  By far the most popular currency and the precursor of Blockchain technology. Bitcoin owns most of the market share. Its trading volume is much larger than that of any other competing currency and the value of Bitcoin is many times greater than that of Ethereum's second largest market capitalization. Widespread and more frequent application has upgraded Bitcoin from an attractive security test to a real asset.

  In addition, Bitcoin's exponential growth could be a good sign for this Blockchain-based electronic currency. After a number of large-scale thefts for both Bitcoin and Ethereum, the belief in these electronic coins seems to have been restored.

  Some people believe that the electronic money market is a bubble about to explode, but political and economic conditions have argued that it could push prices higher.

2. Ethereum is being pushed up.

"Although it is currently below $ 200 per Eth, it is the most effective substitute for the decentralized monetary system." In fact, the form of competition was created by one of the peers. Found Bitcoin ".

   Ethereum is both a platform for creating decentralized applications and a currency. The combination of smart deals allows Blockchain anonymous arrangements to create DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).

   The currency is more flexible for developers and has attracted large technology companies like Intel and Microsoft.

3. They give us the ability to see friendly rules of electronic money.

  Anonymity and lack of supervision are the reason decentralized decentralization provides opportunities for organizations to abuse. Some alternative electronic money (Altcoins), personal currency transfers and anonymous transfers, such as Zcash and Monero, are widely used by criminal organizations. Although Altcoins such as Monero have raised prices due to the acceptance by darknet users, the unauthorized use of electronic money has caused damage to overall market development rates.

  Thankfully, we can see the rules more closely. Ethereum famously experienced a massive theft with $ 53 million worth of Ethereum due to exploited in a smart deal. Theoretically, Ethereum Blockchain is invariant. The community voted to override this "immutability" to pay back the stolen money.

  In addition, in 2013, a Bitcoin representative for US managers shared that they would be open to building a transparent law for this electronic money system. According to MarketWatch, Bitcoin supporters are stepping up the pace of regulatory development.

"With the recent gains from Japan and Russia to legalize Bitcoin, these rules and regulations can help Cryptocurrency be considered a legitimate financial asset."


 Blockchain technology is capable of changing everything. The currencies running on the scattered model can revolutionize the way we interact with all forms of liquidity. Although not small currencies will be included or eliminated by digital money, it is possible that these currencies will integrate more with our current system.

  At the very least, Cryptocurrency is seeing a market bubble occurring in the short term. What will happen in the future of digital currency is really unpredictable. Currently, there is a careful consideration for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Some speculators are pouring their money into more profitable alternatives like Litecoin and Dash. However, most are still hesitant about putting their assets into an uncontrolled currency.

"Although the Bitcoin ETF has recently been rejected by the SEC, there are still plenty of reasons to diversify your portfolio with a small investment in e-currency." Over time, Electronic currencies have been constantly rising and have become more widely available. "

  Certainly, there are also many fluctuations along with the rise in price of Bitcoin. Price experts continue to find it difficult to accurately determine the value of these electronic coins. However, their market capitalization continues to increase.

  If you can resist the boom and bankruptcy yourself, you can benefit from careful investment, continue to do your job. If you are still unsure, consider consulting some financial analysts. Be sure to keep track of new information and learn cautiously.

  Note: Be prepared to lose any money you put into speculation. Taking care of the products you invest carefully will most likely lead to the best results - especially in a volatile market like the Cryptocurrency market.

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