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Market capitalization of NEM jumps to $ 2.5 billion, up 250% in seven days

Market capitalization of NEM surpassed $ 2 billion as exponential growth accelerated, Altcoin continued to surprise.
  NEM has reached $ 2.4 billion by Friday, NEM's tokens have shown a rapid rise in value and are now the third largest Altcoin after Ripple and Ethereum.

  By comparing last week's market cap of just over $ 1 billion, while on April 19 it stood at only $ 300 million.

  Coincap.io's price growth data shows that the rate of change is phenomenal at XEM, more than Ethereum and Dash, and is considered one of the big success stories of 2017 in the Altcoin market. .

  NEM's sudden upside momentum in the fortunes of the electronic currency is hard to explain. Public discussion of the community is centered on the introduction of Catapult in the future, a blockchain product that is allowed by developers to be considered unique in the market.

  At 24 o'clock on the sixth day we witnessed the great success of most Altcoin while only the ripple was downward trend and lost 8.5%.

  The rise of NEM itself overtook Ethereum earlier in terms of market capitalization earlier this week, which is still constrained by widespread criticism from Cryptocurrency commentators on the lack of decentralization.
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