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Bitcoin price reaches $ 4,500 In Korea, the race is still ongoing

Bitcoin dealers in Korea are facing the price of up to $ 4,500 because Bitcoin electronic prices continue to rise.

Coinone's domestic Bitcoin subscription page lists current prices of 4,254,000 won ($ 3805), with the highest price in 24 hours at 5,025,000 won ($ 4,494).

The widespread popularity of Bitcoin in South Korea is indeed unprecedented in any country, even in comparison with developed markets such as Japan, with prices listed at 333,200 Yen (2980 USD) at the local BitFlyer.

  On Coinbase, a Bitcoin is currently available for $ 2667.53 at Thursday's time.

  Users have presented various theories about why the Korean foreign exchange market has changed, from controlling capital to turmoil and even a bubble economy.

  Meanwhile, Bitcoin itself is continuing to create new highs, appearing in those who care that a new "bubble" has formed.

  Data from CoinMarketCap Thursday showed another change in the fortunes of altcoin, with only Bitcoin and Ethereum Classic rising in the past 24 hours.

On the last topic, Barry Silbert is continuing his advocacy plan, posting a post on his personal twitter page on Wednesday saying his Ethereum Classic investment fund will spend $ 390,000 a year to continue. Marketing and supporting the Ethereum Classic community (within 3 years). "
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