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78% of Bitcoin Hashrate comes from miners supporting Segwit, said Barry Silbert

Chief executive of the Digital Currency Group, Barry Silbert, said miners supporting nearly 80 percent of Bitcoin Hashrate backed SegWit to scale the block size to 2MB.

After publicly announcing his desire for Bitcoin block size expansion, Silbert announced he had agreed with "more than 50 Bitcoin companies from 20 countries" to sign up for support.

On Friday, Silbert confirmed that "78.3%" of the total Hashrate started was from miners wanting a replication solution to be implemented.

Comments received from significant feedback from the community, which resulted in numerous opposition views during the debate.

"All it takes up to 2MB is for the wallet to support SegWit." If this is what the statement mentions, getting dev support will be easy, "said Eric Lombrozo, while ShapeShift CEO Operation Erik Voorhees later accused him of "redirecting the initiative."

  A request to clarify from a colleague Tuur Demeester about whether Silbert has supported SegWit manual activation (UASF) or SegWit to 2MB by having the hard onk on the network answered by the core developer Peter Todd.

In a post on the Tweet page, Todd seems to challenge Silbert effectively to put his money into his own mouth.

"If Barry Silbert is serious, you should talk about UASF and you have enough support to get there, even BIP148 is smooth," he wrote.

Comments on the transaction also focused primarily on the size of Bitcoin memory, which currently has nearly $ 400,000 worth of Bitcoin transactions have not been confirmed.
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