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Ethereum Classic became the fifth largest electronic currency, quickly defeating NEM, Litecoin

Ethereum Classic has become the fifth largest electronic currency worldwide after overtaking Litecoin's market capitalization and then I believe that Ethereum Classic will also surpass NEM, the fourth largest electronic currency with volume Daily transaction is significantly high.

Daily trading volumes of Ethereum Classic are still larger than Ripple and NEM, the third largest and fourth largest under Bitcoin and Ethereum with a market cap of $ 326 million. But in fact, the daily trading volume of Ethereum Classic is 17 times larger than NEM.

Classic simple

  In the past few months, Ethereum Classic has received strong growth in daily demand and trading volume primarily due to two major factors leading to the emergence of the Ethereum Classic Trust and the integration of ETC on par with The leading electronic currency.

  On April 24, Barry Silbert's Digital Currency Group, arguably the most prominent investment firm in the Bitcoin and Blockchain industries, has launched the Ethereum Classic Trust to provide a platform for public investors. Receive and organize investment in ETC through a regulated channel.

  Since then, Ethereum Classic has experienced an overall increase in demand, price, market cap and transaction volume. By April 1, the market capitalization of Ethereum Classic is about $ 200 million. After less than two months, Ethereum's market share rose more than seven times to $ 1.45 billion.

  Furthermore, South Korea's largest trading platform Bithumb and several other trading platforms in the Chinese trading market have supported Ethereum Classic, which provides the basis for Asian Cryptocurrency investors. Bithumb's Ethereum Classic integration brings special benefits to the growth of Ethereum Classic as South Korea operates the world's largest Ethereal Exchange market, with a 35% market share and a daily trading volume of 296 million. USD.

Difference between Ethereum Classic and Ethereum

  Ethereum Classic took a big step forward in March when it made a hard fork to integrate a deflationary monetary policy in stark contrast to Ethereum. Currently Ethereum operates on an inflationary monetary policy, which annually produces 13 million new Ethers.

  Ethereum Classic shifted from Ethereum's current inflationary policy to fixed supply such as Bitcoin. owner and founder of the Ethereum Classic Arvicco movement emphasized the importance of the scarcity of this electronic currency.


"Platform code is an important part of the Blockchain system, which is economically relevant to key stakeholders, users, developers, investors and miners. However, in economic history it has been proven that making long-term credible money is impossible without two main characteristics: the utility and the means to start the ecosystem. Its scarce. "

  If demand for Ethereum Classic in major markets such as Korea and the US continues to be maintained, Ethereum Classic's prices will increase over the next few weeks. More importantly, an increase in the demand for Ethereum could also benefit Ethereum Classic for investors seeing value in the fixed supply of ETC and similar features in practice.

The prominent Bitcoin remittance application in Southeast Asia is supported by $ 5 million, a money transfer application and money transfer brokerage of the Philippines, received an additional $ 5 million in Series A financial investment led by Nampers Venture Corporation Naspers Venture.

   In October, received a $ 5 million A Series investment from investors in startup companies such as Quona Capital, Kickstart Ventures, Ideaspace Foundation and Digital Currency Group.

Effective business model is not paid.

  The involvement of Kickstart Ventures and Ideaspace Foundation marks an important milestone for the company as the two investment companies are run by Globe Telecom and Smart Communications, the two largest telecommunications conglomerates in the Philippines. co-founder and CEO Ron Hose said at the time that capital would be allocated to the development and expansion of the company's operations throughout the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

  Hose explains, "Financial resources came at the right time when we were able to validate some of the basic planning in our business model, as well as build a loyal customer base.

  Since then, has experienced a very good growth in user base and operations. It has become the leading Bitcoin service provider in the Philippines and has expanded throughout Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong - three countries lack applications that users can use to send and receive money paid by Bitcoin. Buy and sell Bitcoin and use this electronic currency to process invoices.

Use Bitcoin to optimize transaction processing.

  The global remittance industry is a fertile market worth up to $ 500 billion, with 230 million depositors receiving money from money transfer service providers such as Western Union and MoneyGram. Startup companies like Coins and Satoshi Citadel Industries in the Philippines are trying to innovate and use Bitcoin to optimize transaction processing. has cooperated with some of the largest financial institutions in the Philippines and money transfer locations, simplifying Bitcoin trading for local users over the past year.

  Currently, users on the application can purchase and sell Bitcoin through available ATMs, money transfer shops, convenience stores, bank transfer and bank payments. It has also introduced a virtual VISA card for Bitcoin users and allows users to bill utility bills such as electricity, rent, tuition and water fees with Bitcoin.

Justin Leow, head of's business unit, said:

"The problems we are dealing with are not unique to the Philippines and Thailand, but we see our platform as a scalable and expandable solution in many developing countries. Developed in the region to address this need. "

In addition, Leow noted that has so far added one million users, which makes non-bank financial services more popular due to lower fees and fewer requirements.

Bitcoin price reaches $ 4,500 In Korea, the race is still ongoing

Bitcoin dealers in Korea are facing the price of up to $ 4,500 because Bitcoin electronic prices continue to rise.

Coinone's domestic Bitcoin subscription page lists current prices of 4,254,000 won ($ 3805), with the highest price in 24 hours at 5,025,000 won ($ 4,494).

The widespread popularity of Bitcoin in South Korea is indeed unprecedented in any country, even in comparison with developed markets such as Japan, with prices listed at 333,200 Yen (2980 USD) at the local BitFlyer.

  On Coinbase, a Bitcoin is currently available for $ 2667.53 at Thursday's time.

  Users have presented various theories about why the Korean foreign exchange market has changed, from controlling capital to turmoil and even a bubble economy.

  Meanwhile, Bitcoin itself is continuing to create new highs, appearing in those who care that a new "bubble" has formed.

  Data from CoinMarketCap Thursday showed another change in the fortunes of altcoin, with only Bitcoin and Ethereum Classic rising in the past 24 hours.

On the last topic, Barry Silbert is continuing his advocacy plan, posting a post on his personal twitter page on Wednesday saying his Ethereum Classic investment fund will spend $ 390,000 a year to continue. Marketing and supporting the Ethereum Classic community (within 3 years). "

Bitcoin price reached $ 2,850 in Korea

Bitcoin price reached $ 2,850 in South Korea on May 23, due to accelerated demand from Bitcoin and other digital currencies such as Ethereum (ETH).

    Although arbitrage opportunities in Korea have always existed since the top three Bitcoins, Korin, Coinone and Coinhumb were established, the premium rate rarely exceeded 10%.

   On May 23, the premium rate for Korean Bitcoin transactions reached nearly 30%, resulting in a transaction value of US $ 2,850 for each Bitcoin, while Bitcoin is being traded in the United States. And China for about $ 2,100.

The reason for the big price gap and the premiums in Korea are the country's strict anti-money laundering policies. In Korea, any form of gambling is considered illegal and a large amount of black money including revenue from casinos overseas and other businesses are regularly sent to Korea. That is why the authorities have tightened all transactions in excess of $ 10,000.

  Therefore, even with a Korean bank account, it is difficult to take advantage of the arbitrage opportunities of the Korean Bitcoin exchange market and the large premium rates. If any business or individual selling Bitcoin valued above $ 10,000 is strictly regulated by law, Bitcoin transaction operators must contact the user for verification.

  Typically, strict AML and customer awareness policies (KYC) will restrict Bitcoin investors to OTC free markets such as LocalBitcoins who will experience peer-to-peer protocols on the Bitcoin trading platform. , In which buyers and sellers directly offer to buy or sell Bitcoin together.

  When the Chinese government suspected the revocation of Bitcoin local deals, LocalBitcoins China saw a sudden increase in weekly trading volume at that time. At the present time, Chinese regulators also apply strict KYC protocols and require Bitcoin traders to participate in face-to-face interviews and submit financial documents to track the origin of User funds.

In Korea, the implementation of strict AML and KYC systems has the opposite effect. Bitcoin's legalization of commerce and stringent regulations for Bitcoins have proved the market and Bitcoin business in Korea. As a result, demand for Bitcoin continues to increase despite the fact that Korea's transaction premiums are currently being seen by people on the exchanges of up to 30%.

  The Bitcoin exchange market of Korea is run by three powerful traders supported by several multibillion dollar corporations and financial institutions. Therefore, liquidity and options are limited. Due to the limited supply of Bitcoin and the increasing demand, Bitcoin is always trading at premium rates in Korea.

Three reasons to consider investing in electronic money

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Three reasons to consider investing in Cryptocurrency

  Bitcoin starts like an excellent electronic coin especially since it exceeds the $ 2,000 price tag. Major obstacles such as the $ 480 million loss of Bitcoin value in the past on Mt.Gox trading floor, their recklessly managed Bitcoins have made the value of Bitcoin electronic money fall in the past. Slowly but surely, the first Blockchain electronic currency has grown again.

At present, Bitcoin is doing better than ever. At the beginning of 2017, Bitcoin prices hit the highest level in history, surpassing the value of an ounce of gold. Nearly a decade after the quiet release of the Bitcoin market, dozens of other electronic currencies have appeared. Applying Blockchain technology and a number of other technologies, a public database such as a notebook that records transactions related to encrypted cryptography, developers are trying to improve their electricity bills. From now on.

  Some of the specific names, Ripple and Ethereum, have been proven to be special competitors for Bitcoin. Indeed, the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance was formed by "500 businesses, startups, scientists and technology vendors" to establish practical criteria for standards for use of the platform. Future currency "in terms of business speed".

"You may be afraid to participate as speculators because of the ups and downs of the electronic money market, but there are a number of reasons you can be strong on that."

Here are three reasons you may consider investing in electronic money:

1. Bitcoin is experiencing extremely rapid development.

  By far the most popular currency and the precursor of Blockchain technology. Bitcoin owns most of the market share. Its trading volume is much larger than that of any other competing currency and the value of Bitcoin is many times greater than that of Ethereum's second largest market capitalization. Widespread and more frequent application has upgraded Bitcoin from an attractive security test to a real asset.

  In addition, Bitcoin's exponential growth could be a good sign for this Blockchain-based electronic currency. After a number of large-scale thefts for both Bitcoin and Ethereum, the belief in these electronic coins seems to have been restored.

  Some people believe that the electronic money market is a bubble about to explode, but political and economic conditions have argued that it could push prices higher.

2. Ethereum is being pushed up.

"Although it is currently below $ 200 per Eth, it is the most effective substitute for the decentralized monetary system." In fact, the form of competition was created by one of the peers. Found Bitcoin ".

   Ethereum is both a platform for creating decentralized applications and a currency. The combination of smart deals allows Blockchain anonymous arrangements to create DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).

   The currency is more flexible for developers and has attracted large technology companies like Intel and Microsoft.

3. They give us the ability to see friendly rules of electronic money.

  Anonymity and lack of supervision are the reason decentralized decentralization provides opportunities for organizations to abuse. Some alternative electronic money (Altcoins), personal currency transfers and anonymous transfers, such as Zcash and Monero, are widely used by criminal organizations. Although Altcoins such as Monero have raised prices due to the acceptance by darknet users, the unauthorized use of electronic money has caused damage to overall market development rates.

  Thankfully, we can see the rules more closely. Ethereum famously experienced a massive theft with $ 53 million worth of Ethereum due to exploited in a smart deal. Theoretically, Ethereum Blockchain is invariant. The community voted to override this "immutability" to pay back the stolen money.

  In addition, in 2013, a Bitcoin representative for US managers shared that they would be open to building a transparent law for this electronic money system. According to MarketWatch, Bitcoin supporters are stepping up the pace of regulatory development.

"With the recent gains from Japan and Russia to legalize Bitcoin, these rules and regulations can help Cryptocurrency be considered a legitimate financial asset."


 Blockchain technology is capable of changing everything. The currencies running on the scattered model can revolutionize the way we interact with all forms of liquidity. Although not small currencies will be included or eliminated by digital money, it is possible that these currencies will integrate more with our current system.

  At the very least, Cryptocurrency is seeing a market bubble occurring in the short term. What will happen in the future of digital currency is really unpredictable. Currently, there is a careful consideration for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Some speculators are pouring their money into more profitable alternatives like Litecoin and Dash. However, most are still hesitant about putting their assets into an uncontrolled currency.

"Although the Bitcoin ETF has recently been rejected by the SEC, there are still plenty of reasons to diversify your portfolio with a small investment in e-currency." Over time, Electronic currencies have been constantly rising and have become more widely available. "

  Certainly, there are also many fluctuations along with the rise in price of Bitcoin. Price experts continue to find it difficult to accurately determine the value of these electronic coins. However, their market capitalization continues to increase.

  If you can resist the boom and bankruptcy yourself, you can benefit from careful investment, continue to do your job. If you are still unsure, consider consulting some financial analysts. Be sure to keep track of new information and learn cautiously.

  Note: Be prepared to lose any money you put into speculation. Taking care of the products you invest carefully will most likely lead to the best results - especially in a volatile market like the Cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin ranks top 5 on Google search, Ethereum reaches the top 18

According to data from Google Trends. Bitcoin ranked fifth in the top Google search request

Results from the United States show that 'Bitcoin' has received over 200,000 searches and that makes it the fifth most popular term. Ethereum achieved 20 best results, reaching 18th place.

The main event marked for people to be contacted and inquired about Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

  While Bitcoin was prominent recently due to the impact of the Bitcoin ransom payment, WannaCry, the interest in Bitcoin still seems to exist as the story of the malicious code disappears.

  May 22 is the Bitcoin Pizza Day celebration. One of the anniversary events of Bitcoin Electronic Money on a person has paid 10,000 BTC for a pizza, everything is drawing attention, interest and actively seeking information on Bitcoin. The media is shown through every day every day.

  CNBC noted that $ 100 worth of Bitcoin purchases in 2010 would be worth about $ 75 million today.

  The pizza paid for by Bitcoin at that time was much more expensive than any other pizza, which is now equivalent to about $ 22 million.

  The emergence of Ethereum in the top 20 Google search statistics is also worth noting. In fact, it was not known until the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance launched earlier this year, the media now described Altcoin as a "new Bitcoin" and a "rival" of Bitcoin itself.

  Ethereum has exploded in value in a number of price movements since February, almost reaching $ 200 per Ethereal this weekend. At that time, the average price per Ethereum was only $ 14.

Bitcoin Pizza Day: Reminiscent and fake like a novice

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world are celebrating the famous "Bitcoin Pizza Day," where two Papa John's pizza is purchased for 10,000 BTC. The transaction is not just a Bitcoin conversion to a real value and the current exchange rate is $ 20 million.

'I like to have pizza left to sip on later'

 Reminiscent of newcomers to the Bitcoin network participating in the activity for less than a year on May 22, 2010, a developer named Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas by posting his ideas on the Bitcoin Forum. Org. The Hanyecz affiliate is held every year by Bitcoin enthusiasts as it is considered the first real deal in the world to use Bitcoin as a conversion tool.

  Hanyecz explained, "I'm going to pay 10,000 Bitcoins for some pizza, maybe two big cakes so I'm inclined to have some left over for the next day - I like having leftover pizza to sip. The next day, "explained Hanyecz.

"You can make your own pizza and bring it to my home or ask it for me from the place of delivery, but what I'm aiming for is receiving delivery food in exchange for Bitcoins where I am not ordering or standard. Like booking a 'breakfast' at the hotel or something, they just bring you something to eat and you're really happy! "

 took two days for someone to accept 10,000 BTCs to deliver pizza

  After Hanyecz published his post, some Bitcoin enthusiasts talked about doing business with him. Some people pondered some ways they could buy pizza for Hanyecz, who was living in Florida at the time. One day passed, and Hanyecz wrote, "No one wants to buy me a pizza?" - The amount of Bitcoin I paid too low?

I just thought it would be very interesting if I could say that I paid for a Bitcoins pizza

  Hanyecz announced that the transaction was successfully completed thanks to a user named "Jercos" after posting in the forum 24 hours. "I just wanted to announce that I successfully traded 10,000 Bitcoins for that pizza," the developer told people on the topic. Some commentators said that the exchange went well and congratulated Hanyecz. The 73-page discussion has been held for years, with people commenting that pizza has become extremely expensive compared to the current value of Bitcoin.

'It's not like Bitcoins are worth back then'

  Bitcoin Pizza Day: Reminiscent of the memories that many new entrants to many years later, the transaction is considered one of the greatest moments in Bitcoin's history and two $ 25 buys are now available. Now worth more than $ 20 million. Hanyecz had an interview with the New York Times a few years later recollecting this cruel day.

  "Bitcoins do not look like value, so the idea of ​​trading them for a pizza is really great," Hanyecz told the paper.

Today, when Bitcoin fans celebrate Bitcoin, they will always wonder how they can taste the flavors of pizza and whether Hanyecz really regrets eating the most expensive pizza. the provincial. Hanya is satisfied with her decision to pay 10,000 BTC for two pies.

I like things like onions, peppers, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, pepperoni, etc ... just the standard stuff no fish, strange fish topping or anything like that .. I also love pizza, Pizza can be eaten regularly which can be less costly to prepare or buy back, "Hanyecz said at the time.

Celebrate this year's festival

  There will be a lot of people enjoying Bitcoin Pizza Day in 2017 because this electronic currency is more popular than ever. There are businesses like the Bitcoin store that have specialty pizza products dedicated, and some merchants offer discounts like the Satoshi artist's gallery.

  In addition, Bitwala started the German Bitcoin banking campaign so the Cryptocurrency community could offer pizza using Bitcoin to refugee children in Berlin. All proceeds will go to Champions Ohne Grenzen, a Berlin-based non-governmental organization working with children. Each week they hold football training sessions with qualified coaches to motivate the kids and help them through the trauma. People from all over the world have donated and the proceeds will help provide over 100 pizzas for refugee children.

  Bitwala's chief executive, Jörg von Minckwitz, explained: "The fact is, somebody else in the world can also have pizza to fight refugees without credit card information. And humanity to explain the power of Bitcoin "

Bitcoin price reached $ 2,087, transactions in Japan and South Korea reached $ 2,350 / BTC

Bitcoin has set a new high of $ 2,087 yesterday after rising to its previous record of $ 2,050, with demand for Bitcoin rising from investors in the US and Japan. Korea.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin being traded in Japan and Korea were the second and third largest Bitcoin markets in the world at an incredible $ 2,350 price, higher than $ 1150. % Of global average Bitcoin price.

  Analysts including Charles Hayter, CEO of CryptoCompare explained that the Bitcoin exchange market of Japan and South Korea played an important role as a driver of Bitcoin's recent price increase. In an interview with CNBC, Hayter said,

"The competition between the currency pairs involved pulling the market up or down in line with this top market." At present, the volume on the KRW and JPY pairs dominate the market with a 48% market share". has previously emphasized the importance of the Japanese and Korean trading markets on the global Bitcoin market. The two markets hold more than 48.6% of the global Bitcoin market share and represent the majority of investors and organizations in Asia.

  In particular, Japan has experienced explosive growth in demand for Bitcoin as some of the most influential corporations in the country have announced the launch of electronic payments as a response to so many. Customers, with a view to facilitate the business of Fiat-to-Digital currency in a safe and transparent way.

The Altcoin market will always be bubbling (making market prices).

  A number of large investors have started to set up Altcoin bubble and are now concentrating around Ripple and NEM.

  IndieSquare co-founder and researcher Koji Higashi of Japan has stated that the legalization of electronic coins and duty free Bitcoin convinced newcomers to start.

  However, Higashi noted that most investors are pouring money into other non-Bitcoin electronic coins but do not have much knowledge and understanding about electronic money.

Higashi explained:

When I first joined the Japanese investors, I set up a bubble on this wonderful Altcoin market and money was flowing into some Altcoins. This new direction is the lack of knowledge or appreciation of the technology of many new users. "

What happens next?

   In the next few months, as Bitcoin maintains its momentum and upward trend, it is likely that Japan's electronic money exchange market will prove stable and reduce interest in electricity bills. Death altcoins replaced. If so, the demand for Bitcoin will increase over time.

Ethereum now handles more than 50% of Bitcoin's transactions

Ethereum's transaction volume has reached about 161,000 transactions a day, up from about 100,000 this month, signaling a growing use of the utility network has appeared in nearly two years. present.

On the other hand, trading volume on Bitcoin is equal. Yesterday it handled about 319,000 transactions, but the change was made up and down due to its transaction backlog which could force the user to no longer trade.

That means that Ethereum is now able to handle more than 50% of Bitcoin's transaction volume, a transfer of nearly $ 2 billion yesterday without being blocked or backed up by the often-traded Ethereum transaction. In seconds.

  The increase in trading volume corresponds to a significant increase in prices, the Ethereum electronic currency yesterday increased from $ 87 up to $ 122 indicating the correlation between transaction levels and prices.

  However, Ethereum's market capitalization has not reached 50% of Bitcoin's value, currently at 36% of Bitcoin, as both are rising, Bitcoin is currently reaching $ 2,000 higher. Twice as many months ago.
  Ethereum has a lot of recent news, but it is unclear why the number of Bitcoins is increasing. Its backlog has fallen to about 200,000 transactions continuing on Wednesday, with high fees as well as some businesses forced to move to other chains. Do not see any new or new projects to overcome Bitcoin transactional bottlenecks

  It could be due to WannaCry's Bitcoin ransom attacks. Meanwhile, Ethereum has drawn more attention because many new projects have been launched as well as the Ethereal Summit yesterday.

Can Ethereum transaction volume handle?

  Ethereum's market penetration rate is quite noticeable with trading volumes far higher than any other digital currency except Bitcoin. Some merchants have even started accepting Ethereum for the trade but apparently most of the trading volume comes from the smart deal.

  At this rate of growth, Ethereum could pass Bitcoin's trading volume, or no less, because Bitcoin is no longer able to handle the transaction volume. Unlike Bitcoin, it will continue to operate normally but in the next year or 2019 Ethereum may begin to need more capacity to handle the ever-larger trading volume.

  That plan will be given in two ways. One is Raiden, a two-layer protocol similar to Lightning Network that can be used by smart contracts and repetitive payment businesses. It was in the alpha project last year and it plans to launch at any time.

  The second extension method is to connect with Vitalik Buterin, they say that there are plans to use "the combination of split plans, random sampling, using the Merkle proof and asynchronous invocation to increase Potential trading potential from about 10-20 transactions per second to more than 100,000 transactions. "

  That should be more productive if achieved with a plan to increase it through stock evidence and sharding. So the network will be able to handle demand with its current version that can perform well at 1 million transactions a day while future versions can handle one billion or more.

Market capitalization of NEM jumps to $ 2.5 billion, up 250% in seven days

Market capitalization of NEM surpassed $ 2 billion as exponential growth accelerated, Altcoin continued to surprise.
  NEM has reached $ 2.4 billion by Friday, NEM's tokens have shown a rapid rise in value and are now the third largest Altcoin after Ripple and Ethereum.

  By comparing last week's market cap of just over $ 1 billion, while on April 19 it stood at only $ 300 million.'s price growth data shows that the rate of change is phenomenal at XEM, more than Ethereum and Dash, and is considered one of the big success stories of 2017 in the Altcoin market. .

  NEM's sudden upside momentum in the fortunes of the electronic currency is hard to explain. Public discussion of the community is centered on the introduction of Catapult in the future, a blockchain product that is allowed by developers to be considered unique in the market.

  At 24 o'clock on the sixth day we witnessed the great success of most Altcoin while only the ripple was downward trend and lost 8.5%.

  The rise of NEM itself overtook Ethereum earlier in terms of market capitalization earlier this week, which is still constrained by widespread criticism from Cryptocurrency commentators on the lack of decentralization.

Bitcoin rose to $ 2000 but fell slightly later

Bitcoin prices have reached $ 2,000 today, but fall by about $ 50 soon after.

  Bitcoin prices rose to $ 1,955.92 multiple times during the session, but the Cryptocurrency fell 3% below $ 2,000. The market subsequently fell back to $ 1,911.79 at about 18:45 UTC.

  By the time of publication, the average price of Bitcoin was $ 1,940.21, as BPI data showed, showing a 2.8% increase since opening.

  Bitcoin prices have followed a steady trend, the electronic currency has risen over the past few months, pushing higher prices as the market revolves around the broader Bitcoin electronic currency that creates continuous flow. Total market capitalization of the digital resource ecosystem hit a record $ 67.5 billion earlier today.

  Some analysts, including entrepreneur and entrepreneur Vinny Lingham, see the hybrid of Bitcoin will do more. However, such developments will depend on addressing the ongoing debate over the extension of electronic money networks.

78% of Bitcoin Hashrate comes from miners supporting Segwit, said Barry Silbert

Chief executive of the Digital Currency Group, Barry Silbert, said miners supporting nearly 80 percent of Bitcoin Hashrate backed SegWit to scale the block size to 2MB.

After publicly announcing his desire for Bitcoin block size expansion, Silbert announced he had agreed with "more than 50 Bitcoin companies from 20 countries" to sign up for support.

On Friday, Silbert confirmed that "78.3%" of the total Hashrate started was from miners wanting a replication solution to be implemented.

Comments received from significant feedback from the community, which resulted in numerous opposition views during the debate.

"All it takes up to 2MB is for the wallet to support SegWit." If this is what the statement mentions, getting dev support will be easy, "said Eric Lombrozo, while ShapeShift CEO Operation Erik Voorhees later accused him of "redirecting the initiative."

  A request to clarify from a colleague Tuur Demeester about whether Silbert has supported SegWit manual activation (UASF) or SegWit to 2MB by having the hard onk on the network answered by the core developer Peter Todd.

In a post on the Tweet page, Todd seems to challenge Silbert effectively to put his money into his own mouth.

"If Barry Silbert is serious, you should talk about UASF and you have enough support to get there, even BIP148 is smooth," he wrote.

Comments on the transaction also focused primarily on the size of Bitcoin memory, which currently has nearly $ 400,000 worth of Bitcoin transactions have not been confirmed.
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